Frequently Asked Questions about Naturopathic Medicine

Can’t I just do my own supplement research?

The supplements that myself and other Naturopathic Doctors recommend are natural, but they can be unsafe if not used properly. Naturopathic Doctors are highly educated healthcare professionals, and the best source of professional advice for supplementation. Supplementation should be supervised by an ND to ensure safe and beneficial outcomes.

I don’t want to change what I eat. Is there still something that I can do?

Naturopathic Medicine offers many treatment options aside from dietary guidance. While your diet plays an important role in your digestive health, there are other Naturopathic tools that could be tried first such as acupuncture and herbs.

I’ve had this problem for a long time. Can Sarah really help me solve it?

Many health issues and diseases are complicated but I will work with you to help your body in the healing process. Using knowledge gained during naturopathic medical training and my years of experience treating patients, as well as special interest in treating GI disease, I will work in partnership with you to achieve your optimal health.

How many supplements will I have to take? How will I know that they are helping and not hurting?

I only use well researched supplements that past patients have had success with. When I suggest a supplement, I will work with you to make sure that it is helping.

Is naturopathic medicine trustworthy?

Naturopathy relies heavily on evidence-based medicine including clinical research trials in order for Naturopathic Doctors to make the most safe, effective and beneficial treatment recommendations for patients.

Any other questions? I’m here to help!

You can book a free, no obligation, 15 min phone consultation with me and I’ll answer any additional questions that you have.